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Breakfast Blend

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Roast: Medium

House Breakfast Blend. Smooth blend of coffee from South America.  A smooth taste with little to no acidity.

Embrace the gentle sunrise as it cascades upon the horizon, announcing the birth of a new day, accompanied by the inviting whispers of our enchanting elixir, "Breakfast Blend." With meticulous care, we have gathered the finest beans from the sun-kissed realms of South America, harmonizing their essence into a symphony of flavor that ignites the senses.

This medium roast, like a dawning promise, unveils a smooth and velvety character, caressing the palate with delicate strokes of indulgence. As the morning unfolds, allow the delicate aroma to weave through the air, conjuring images of dew-kissed meadows and tranquil moments of solitude.

With every sip, a journey of awakening ensues. The Colombian bean, proud and spirited, reveals its vivacious charm, offering a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of its land. The Brazilian bean, kissed by the tropical sun, lends its earthy notes, a nod to the resplendent Amazon rain forests.

Allow the Peruvian bean to tantalize your senses with its gentle allure, carrying the whispers of ancient civilizations and the mystique of a bygone era. The Ecuadorian bean, nurtured by the lush embrace of the Andean mountains, adds a touch of mild sweetness, akin to the purest honey.

In this symphony of South American treasures, each sip unveils a new melody, a harmonious interplay of flavors that speaks to the soul. Let the Morning Blend become a cherished companion on your journey through the day, an elixir that ignites inspiration and kindles the fires of possibility.

As the sun ascends to its zenith, let "Breakfast Blend" accompany you on the path of wonder and rejuvenation. Its smooth embrace, like a warm ray of sunshine, gently awakening your spirit and invigorating your senses. Embrace the artistry of morning, and let this exquisite medium roast weave its magic, creating a palette of flavors that dance upon your tongue.

Savor each sip as you immerse yourself in the symphony of South American marvels, a testament to the beauty of the Earth and the spirit of discovery. With "Breakfast Blend," let the essence of mornings unfurl, an invitation to awaken your senses and embark upon a day brimming with infinite possibilities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I didn't know coffee could be so smooth! This stuff is amazing!

George Borchers
too weak, and others are flavored, sorry, we like strong and pure

oo weak, and others are flavored, sorry, we like strong and pure

Breakfast blend isn't meant to be strong. It's meant to be smooth and flavorful. French roast is stronger and we have some other roasts coming that are stronger, yet. Make sure you've signed up for the newsletter, so you know when its available.


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